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 library  Introduction


New Library in February 1998 AD, was officially opened, all well-equipped museum, a rich collection.  The total area of 7,563.96 square meter for the basement floor, ground five, with internal arts district, computers, and information about teaching rooms, teachers, lab, group discussion rooms, auditorium, etc.  All books and a variety of data mining open open-frame, full-service museum and provide central air conditioning, good lighting, adequate light, the window that is green, the Central Range, has excellent vision of space.


Existing reading seats 430 seats, audio-visual area 42 seats, 38 seats retrieval and computer area.

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collection of resources

Library amount to AD July 31, 2023 only, a total of the following table:  

Books e-Book Audiovisual Material  Bound
   Journal       Database Total
316337 23322 33611 10367 1215 22668 154 407646


 ※ Literary works on Tzuchi and Special collection on aboriginal are the two characteristics of library collection development.


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